Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Really Big Flag

In Cumberland Maine, ten years ago the firm Sevee & Mahar Engineers (SME) had put up the huge flag in honor of those fallen by murder and terrorism on 9/11/01. I understand the urge. On "that day" in September ten years ago, I had the urge to buy the biggest flag I could find and put it up, too. I love my flag, even if Michelle Obama doesn't.


Christie said...

Some watch the clip and come to the conclusion she is dissing the flag. I watch it and think it is 1. possible she is saying the word flag, and 2. possible she's unhappy spending time and money for this type of ceremony when so many are struggling and the country is so in debt. We're all going to take it from our own bent. If you don't like her, this gives you more ammunition not to like her. If you do, you'll give her the benefit of the doubt. I am not a speechreader so I can't claim to know either way, but I can say it does appear she is saying more than what some are reporting. If that is the case, what is being left out and how does that change the context?

Elizabeth Prata said...

What do you think she is saying that people are not reporting?

I take from the body language, the intuited lip-reading, and the preponderance of evidence from her past behavior that is what she is saying is "all this for a flag".

I don't believe for a second that she cares about how many are struggling and therefore she is unhappy with the expense of a ten year anniversary ceremony on one of the greatest attacks on our homeland- ever. She has taken too many expensive vacations for me to believe that.

Lynn Sweet, of the Chicago Sun-Times, wrote that by the end of the summer, Michelle will have taken eight vacations, including the June trip to L.A. to watch the NBA Finals, as well as the two trips she has scheduled with the President in August.

I do not think that there is more than people are reporting, since the leaned in to make the comment and then leaned back when she was done. It appears that as the total comment. Again, I use preponderance of evidence to show that her behavior and her public words do not match up. The President too. Failing to honor the US code for the National Anthem while campaigning to become leader of the very nation he failed to honor that moment was a grievous mistake but I think belies his true feelings.