Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scenes from going to a friend's house

I went to visit a friend who loves in a part of the county I don't normally go, even though it's only three miles from my place. But it's the other direction and I never have cause to drive out that way. It's the usual beautiful scenes of farms, rural beauty, and cows, lol. We have rain today, thank the Lord, but last Wed. when I went out there we were in the throes of a looooong dry spell, and everything was just cracked and brown. But the haying must go on.
On the right, across from the hay rolls, was a pond and the cows drinking at dusk. I loved the white faced cow, who stared intently at me from the distance away I was shooting photos. The others are oblivious-
In cropping the photo off the cows, I noticed that there is a chair at the pond's bank, on the right side, where likely the owner does a bit of fishing. Or perhaps contemplating...either way, it looks nice. And the white faced cow is still standing guard.

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