Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Corner VIew: Coffee Companion

Jane over at Spain Daily has a weekly theme on which we all write or offer pictures of our corner of the world. Be sure to visit her site and click on hers and the other participants' entries for this week's theme: Coffee Companion.

I drink coffee only in the morning. It is a blessed event. The steam rising from the amber colored liquid, the first sip, the favorite mug, the quietude. I am not the same person without my coffee fix. It could be said also that I am not a sane person without my coffee. I also am an internet-a-holic. I spend quite a bit of time online, writing my blogs, researching projects for people, promoting my photographs, catching up on news, studying different versions of the bible. I took to the internet like a duck to water and never looked back. No recalcitrant Luddite am I. I sail on, surfing that net!

Therefore it can be said that the most wonderful part of my day is just after the coffee is finished perking and the laptop is finished coffee companion is:




Kari said...

I need a cup in the morning too!

likeschocolate said...

It looks like your not the only one who enjoys their coffee with the internet. Have a lovely week!