Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Corner View: My favorite hang out

Jane at Spain Daily has a weekly theme called "Corner View" on which we all write, sharing our view of our corner of the world. This week it's "Our favorite hangout." Be sure to check out her blog which has links to all the other Corner Views.

I've hung out in some of the world's most famous places: La Coupole, Spanish Steps, Machrie moor, Rodeo Drive. I've hung out in my previous home city's most hip cafes. I've hung out in parks of all kinds, libraries, and museums. All were great. But there's no place like home.

My current favorite hang out is here at my living room in Comer Georgia. I dive into it after about 6 pm. I'm busy at work all day and when I get home around 3pm I write at my desk-table. By about 6pm I'm too tired to really think and my eyes are going funny from the strain. So the couch beckons.

You note that the set-up here has everything a hang out needs. There is a comfy place to sit or lay. There is the important presence of the coaster, that's for the ever-important cup of tea. The remote control brings the world of satellite (such as it is) to my living room. The maneuverable lamp at one end of the couch shines light over my shoulder so I can read, and the stack of books on the edge of the coffee table is testament to the pleasures that those hours will bring. Sometimes I'll bring my laptop over and use it for a few more hours of light research. The blanket is for my feet, which get cold, and the pillows are numerous and fluffy. Also note the cat at the threshold of the door, he and my other cat pile on when they hear me get on the couch.

It is a great hangout. Who can ask for more when I have everything I want or need at my fingertips?


la ninja said...

ha, you and I are both hanging out on the couch, it seems :)

Christie said...

Looks comfy.