Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting day!

I wish I was there to vote YES to the Gray charter referendum which, if passed, will allow voters to vote on the town budget at the polls, like we do on the school budget.

I had forgotten how much there is to learn when you move to a new town. I’ve had just a few weeks to get up to speed on the election issues, the candidates, even where the polling place is. And there are a lot of candidates, with a different system of government than the council-charter-manager system I had become so very familiar with in Gray.

My car is getting an alternator today but when I pick it up this afternoon then I will go vote. Carless, yesterday I spent the day at home, doing art, reading, watching my beloved satellite TV. As much as a tv fan as I am I have become opposite feeling about ads. The Discovery Channel and Hallmark Channel seem to have even more than their share of ads, and that’s saying a lot. Monday night, watching Discovery’s “The Fight for Rome” Caesar’d be gearing up for the big fight with Pompey and then there’d be a Depends commercial. Sort of breaks the momentum, if you ask me.

They should make an ad like this:

“Did the Ionic Breeze blow the hair off your Chia Pet? Call Joe Bornstein.”


Anonymous said...

The depends ad was appropriate...I'll bet Pompey wished he'd had them...

Gallery/Studio said...

There are so many commercials, there can be up to 11 messages in one commercial break! I play a game with the kids where we count them, figure out what they're selling and how, and then try to remember them after. It's hard sometimes to remember them, even though it may only have been moments ago.

Have you ever used the "clicker" to watch two shows at one time?

Anonymous said...

Yes every Sunday...AFC and NFC football games